This book is for anyone who has been misunderstood, classified wrongly, reduced to a caricature, perceived as someone they are not, or deal with an expected environmental change. Perhaps, this is the human experience. Perhaps this is all of us. After all is said and done, one thing remains, we are much more than we ever thought we were! We are connected to all that is! Let's get up and escape from stress, worry, and anxiety. We can hit the reset button and begin again if need be. NOTE: Updated & compiled version of ebooks The Power of Isolation and Going Back to Zen

There comes a time in everyone's life when you are forced to choose between the preachings of your childhood-upbringing or the great unknown. When raised by a religious couple, who do you "honor and obey," when they disagree?  This is an up-close and personal story about adapting to the dynamics of being adopted while facing typical and unusual family challenges, like attempting to win approval from the authorities of the day.