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Rev. Janine Myung Ja, Ph.D., Philosophy

 Janine seeks to serve in whatever way possible to prevent the sale, kidnapping, and exploitation of children in the United States and overseas.

Curator of Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists

Researcher for Adoption: What You Should Know

Representative at Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Network

Rev. Janine Ph.D., Philosophy, is a neutral, non-partisan citizen who advocates for protecting local and global families. She considers herself to be independent when it comes to the political landscape. And, as the priority in many domestic, international, and universally accepted human rights declarations and conventions, Janine strives to uphold the idea of equal rights for all humans. She considers issues on an individual basis and hopes to see all people be united and strengthened during times of division. Through education and information, Janine's personal mission has been to protect families and communities against any and all secretive tactics used to traffic children for exploitive purposes.

Pathway to Prevention, Protection, and Purpose.

Adoption trafficking exploits the family and the child into their elder years.

It is an unfamiliar type of human trafficking, which targets infants and young children, and impacts individuals for their entire life--even into their elder years.

What is Adoption Trafficking

We all know that being tricked into donating a kidney or a lung for the organ market (ie. organ trafficking), being trapped to work in a sweatshop, or being recruited for prostitution can be detrimental to an individual and very difficult from which to recover. But little is known about the crisis of adoption trafficking which leads to forever losing connection with one's own biological family and bloodline. This type of trafficking can also have a detrimental and painful impact on not only the individual trafficked that lasts into their elder years, but also on the family who misses them, and searches or waits for their return.

Who is at Risk

Whereas organ, work, and sex trafficking tend to target teens and adults, adoption trafficking pursues infants and toddlers. The younger the child, the easier to get away with the crime. Scouters will abduct children from their homes or neighborhoods and deliver them to orphanages, pretending that they had "found" the child abandoned. Young victims are unable to report, complain, or even articulate themselves, and the families who love them are oftentimes unaware that they have been coerced. The children find themselves in orphanages and then processed overseas into foreign countries and environments, compounded by the inability to understand or speak the language. And many victims typically do not realize that they had been unethically obtained.

What Prevents Recovery?

Unlike all other types of human trafficking, this offense allows facilitators to legally replace the biological parents' names with the names of the adoptive applicants and change identifying characteristics of the victim's family on vital documents. Once the documents have been altered, they become legally "sealed." Such concealment prevents the victim and family from reuniting even eighteen or more years into the future. Part of the problem is that victims are stigmatized as "adoptees" and their parents are stigmatized as "birth parents." This stigmatization, unlike all other types of human trafficking, prevents the victim from accessing pertinent documents which could lead them back to their family members. As a consequence, countless victimized families have been ignored when they seek help. Fake death certificates are generated to make it appear as if the child is an orphan. Police reports are not required in adoption documents, and follow-ups in the adoptive country as promised by many recruiters, have yet to be enforced since the child is now kept in completely foreign territory and off-limits against his/her family.

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What is adoption trafficking?

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Ideas to recover from special-interest groups who hide the damage.

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