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Since numerous adopted individuals discovered that their adoptions were not ethical and for years have requested access to original birth certificates and adoption documents that pertain to them, everyone is keeping closer tabs on the business transactions and scams of adoption agencies.

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Before you pay the non-refundable and hidden fees of scrupulous adoption agencies that can run up to tens of thousands of dollars, protect yourself, protect fellow Americans, and protect global families. Even the US Department and the FBI are beginning to recognize the identifying characteristics of child traffickers.

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Government ministries and officials * The FBI * Child trafficking charities * Child rights lawyers * Child protection agencies * Counselors and social workers * Investigative agencies * Orphanage owners * Tribes and rural communities * Minorities * Poverty-stricken families * Single and young parents * Global overseas partners and organizations against human trafficking * Parents and grandparents * Search angels and family reunification agencies * Missionaries * Accrediting associations * Anyone serving families and children

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The Priority: to protect US citizens and global partners from the crisis of adoption trafficking.

Unknown to the public, there is a specific type of human traffickers who only focus on children. Traffickers often arise from this particular group and/or target these communities for potentially lucrative leads. In the global effort to protect children, Janine offers organizations training on the rhetoric used throughout history to obtain children and exactly what to look for to protect families from exploitation.

 Adoption: What You Should Know covers a very specific type of human trafficking which focuses solely on infants and toddlers.

The Initiative:
to prevent the abduction, sale, kidnapping, and exploitation of children.

The Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children, was adopted by General Assembly resolution 55/25. It entered into force on 25 December 2003. It is the first global legally binding instrument with an agreed definition on trafficking in persons. The intention behind this definition is to facilitate convergence in national approaches with regard to the establishment of domestic criminal offences that would support efficient international cooperation in investigating and prosecuting trafficking in persons cases. An additional objective of the Protocol is to protect and assist the victims of trafficking in persons with full respect for their human rights.

The FBI has identified a particular group of individuals as a threat against US citizens.

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Read Janine's "Adoption Books for Adults" and you'll be introduced to her discovery into unethical adoptions referred to as adoption trafficking in the rest of the world or child abduction to fill the insatiable international and lucrative child market known as the adoption industry.

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Recognize the coercive rhetoric and subtle marketing campaigns of adoption traffickers. Who are the perpetrators? Whom do they target? How do they deceive communities? Where do they obtain and hide children? How is adoption trafficking the same and different than other forms of trafficking? Janine gives answers in private consultations.

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Separated by adoption? Searching for a family member? Want to know more? A place to go for more information by people who "get it." Join Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Network for support and validation.

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stipulations that need to be placed on the child market to provide improved safety measures for trafficked children.

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Practical suggestions to prevent adoption trafficking and comfort care for those who are recovering from the life-long aftermath.

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ADOPTED? In the effort to protect and advocate for fair treatment and laws within the realm of the adoption practice, this short five-section survey seeks to understand the activities of adoption facilitators based on the experiences, rights, and protections of the individuals they placed.

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Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Network

Of the People. For the People.

In 2011, Janine and her twin, Jenette, cofounded Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network (ATTWN) the largest adoptee-led group on social media consisting of families separated by adoption. Unlike other groups monitored by adoptive parents, the dominant voices of ATTWN come from individuals who were adopted domestically, transracially, and/or internationally. Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists was the first book they curated and has been well received by the adult adoptee community.

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Image of the most recent Korean Adoptee Gathering in Seoul, South Korea
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Awarded  the Doctoral Ministerial Specialty Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., Specializing in Conscious-Centered Living

Welcome to the official website of Rev. Dr. Janine Myung Ja. As a prolific reader and researcher, Janine's insatiable curiosity led her to the voices of families separated by adoption and their unheard narratives. Her life's mission is to protect children from abduction, sale, kidnapping, and exploitation into the global adoption market. She is an expert on a very specific type of human trafficking, which exclusively focuses on infants and toddlers.

Rev. Dr. Janine Myung Ja is an international award-winning author of several books on the topic of adoption including The Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption and Adoption: What You Should Know*

*formerly titled Adoption History 101: An Orphan's Research

For the past two decades, Janine has focused on the study of four of the largest child migration schemes throughout history. As a researcher on the subject, she discovered that the mass exports of children have been spearheaded by the secretive and destructive actions of certain entities. Janine has since dedicated her life to the protection of children against their abduction, sale, kidnapping, and exploitation.


Janine Myung Ja's Publications
"Rare Adoption Books For Adults"

These stories are usually abandoned by the very industry that professes to work for the “best interest of children,” “child protection,” and for families. However, according to adopted people who were scattered across nations as children, these narratives represent typical adoption issues that have been ignored for too long. For many years, adopted people have just dealt with such matters alone, not knowing that all of us—as a community—have a great deal in common. At this point in human history, the politics of adoption will be changing dramatically as more and more people become informed and aware of the bigger picture.


Reveals surprising and necessary information needed before you consider adopting or relinquishing a child. If you are adopted, you will also find value in this book. It will give you deeper insight into your own adoption and a global bird's eye view on the practice. Learn how the child movement began, spread, and why some domestic and international adult adoptees are against the practice today. This unconventional history book has been called mind-blowing by fellow adoptee-rights activists. The main movements of children are organized into four sections and referred to as Orphan Ships (Europe), Orphan Trains (America), Orphan Planes (Asia), and Orphan Trafficking (Africa). *NOTE: Previously sold as Adoption History 101: An Orphan's Research.

Ever wondered what adopted people are saying right now about adoption? This anthology begins with personal accounts and then shifts to a bird’s eye view on adoption from domestic, intercountry and transracial adoptees who are now adoptee rights activists. Along with adopted people, this collection also includes the voices of mothers and a father from the Baby Scoop Era, a modern-day mother who almost lost her child to adoption, and ends with the experience of an adoption investigator from Against Child Trafficking.

In this contemporary tale detailing a two-week trip that explores intercountry adoption from South Korea, twin sisters naively travel to their birth city of Seoul in search of their Korean family. Little incidents along the way serve as a catalyst which leads them into a worldwide modern-day adoptee-rights movement seeking truth and transparency.If you have ever thought about looking for your birth family or simply curious about adoption, grab this book and gain insight into what happened to other adoptees as they travel back to their motherland to look for long lost relatives during their trip to Seoul, South Korea.

At last, after sixty years of adoption profiteering, these narratives paint a true portrait of adoption--from the back door--by those most affected. This collection, compiled by Korean adoptees, serves as a tribute to transracially adopted people sent all over the world. It has been hailed to be the first book to give Korean adoptees the opportunity to speak freely since the pioneering of intercountry adoption after the Korean War. If you were adopted, you are not alone. These stories validate the experiences of all those who have been ridiculed or outright abused, but have found the will to survive, thrive and share their tale.

Residential Library

One Adoptee & Three Wise Men: On Why Confucius and the Others Would Disapprove of Adoption

This short book explains why Eastern Philosophers would disapprove of the Evangelical Orphan Movement (EOM). The investigation inside provides a masterful and compelling perspective on the philosophies of Lao Tzu, the Buddha, and Confucius rooted in the value of nature.

Coming Soon

On this journey, she has pioneered a path to emotional and cognitive independence and has once again provided the adoptee world with her strong words of validation. This book is intended for individuals previously separated (by adoption) who are no longer fans of the practice, and can no longer–in good conscience–promote the practice to others.
Dear soul, it is no accident you have found this book, and while healing can feel messy at times, it is needed because the world desperately needs your authentic self to shine despite any fears or doubts.


The voices of adopted people are the most vital voice in adoption, yet the most left out when it comes to politics. Inside, you'll first find the audiotape transcripts involving the Reverend Jim Jones' adoption of two Korean-born children on a stage--of all places—and in front of a global congregation, spearheaded by fellow satellite television ministers. As a bonus, you'll find the transcript of a private telephone conversation between Suzanne Jones and her adoptive mother, Marceline Jones (Reverend Jim Jones' wife). Korean-born adopted daughter, Suzanne Jones, saved herself from the devastating Jonestown suicides led by her adoptive father, the Reverend Jim Jones, on November 18, 1978.

Coming Soon

This book has been researched for and dedicated to individuals also abused by the system, families of birth, parents left behind, and equal-rights advocates who are accused of being "anti-adoption" when we request for our adoption documents or strive to reconnect families. Did you know that adoption traffickers intentionally perpetuated love and adoration toward adoption so much so that they tend to ignore the crisis of human rights violations and adoption trafficking?

Coming Soon

“Janine Myung Ja does an amazing job outlining in a logical fashion the roots and causes of adoption. Her writing creates a clear understanding of why adoption started and what perpetuated its momentum into the lucrative business of adoption trafficking.

I think this is a must-read for anyone that has connections to adoption and especially adoptees. The adoption industry is part of an adoptees' history and knowing that is part of knowing ourselves. I hope many more people can read this book and understand how much misinformation and lies are out there so people can go forward making informed decisions and thoughts.” ~Amazon Reviewer

For Adoption History 101: An Orphan's Research (limited-edition)* Now Titled Adoption: What You Should Know



"Knowledge is Power."

The purpose of Against Child Trafficking is to protect families against the crisis of human trafficking.

Even though the components that go into international adoption consist of the same ingredients that human traffickers use to recruit and exploit children from their families, adoption profiteers in receiving nations have abused their power to lead authorities to believe that adoption trafficking is not exploitative since the adoptioneer is selling the children to "better" people. Therefore, the great majority of all human trafficking organizations do not assist victims even though the exploitation lasts the child's entire life and permanently devastates the child's family. The scenario mentioned above is the mere tip of the iceberg. When it comes to adoption trafficking, Rev. Dr. Janine Myung Ja has endless narratives to share. Adoption trafficking can be a very secretive and lucrative worldwide crisis according to separated families. Help Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Network stop child trafficking today.

Donate to Janine's favorite charity for potential reunions between missing children (now adopted adults) and separated families, at info@againstchildtrafficking.org (ACT)

Read and recommend Janine's books that expose all sides of adoption--not just the one-sided stories promoting the practice. Put in a good word for Janine at your favorite book club like Goodreads or online bookstore.

Support the adopted individual's quest to search and find family.  Uplift and encourage whenever possible. Like some of Janine's suggested pages on social media.

Adopted? Be a part of the adult adoptee community. Share social media pages and resources in an effort to inform protect others. It is difficult to talk about adoption trafficking. Adopted? Join Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Network.

Worst Case Scenarios represented at adoptopia.com. A potential discussion group for those who endeavor to protect families from exploitation against fierce adoption profiteers that benefit from their own self-proclaimed authority over other people's children.


Volunteer. Help Janine protect families and prevent children from losing their true identity and all they've ever known. What are you skilled at? If you bought a copy of one of Janine's books to review and want to help spread the word, email admin@adoptiontruth.org.

Rare Adoption Books for Adults 
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